I have been fascinated with food system issues since I discovered at the age of eight about where meat 'really' comes from: not the grocery store, but from an animal. As a self-proclaimed vegetarian in a meat-eating midwestern family, I became intrigued by the complexities of our modern food system, and this fascination has fueled my work and research.


As an academic, I am interested in studying food systems with a focus on the people that power them. Using a multi-level approach that values intersectionality, my goal is to explore topics at the nexus of food, agriculture, and the environment through the lens of producers, supply chain actors, and consumers.


I value mixed methods approaches that utilize community-based participatory methods whenever possible, with an action-oriented motivation. My intention is for this research to be used collaboratively to catalyze food system innovations to ensure for more sustainable and just practices.



Sustainable Food Systems

How can we shape more sustainable supply chains from production to consumption?


Tulane University School of Public Health

Currently Completing a Doctorate in Public Health

Sustainable Nutrition

How can consumers make better choices for themselves and the environment?

Gender Equity and Agriculture

What role does gender equity play in creating a more sustainable agricultural system?

Food Sovereignty and Climate Change

How can rural and urban citizens increase their food sovereignty to mitigate climate change?


The London School of Economics

Masters of Science in Environment and Development


Vanderbilt University

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

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